Tuberculosis remains a major health problem.It is a nasty disease that can affect all ages and commonly leads to months of severe coughing, with night sweats, weight loss,.disability and death. The good news is that if found it can be treated, and if treated for months with multiple anti-tuberculous medicines it can be cured.It requiresContinue reading “TB”

Challenges of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) exit

MSF EXIT. On 19 June 2015 MSF held a farewell party at Murambinda to mark their exit from Murambinda and the District. MSF closed their offices in Murambinda and have since moved to Mutare. MMH and MSF signed an MOU which runs to end of year 2015 but has since reduced their contributions towards allowancesContinue reading “Challenges of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) exit”

Murambinda School of Midwifery Success

A new trophy for Midwifery students has been donated through the Friends of Murambinda Hospital. Here it is being proudly displayed at the prize giving event at Murambinda Mission Hospital in June. Murambinda school of midwifery continue to produce good results for state final exams , this year it acheived a 100 percent pass rateContinue reading “Murambinda School of Midwifery Success”