Marshall is an 8 year old boy with epilepsy

Marshall is an 8 year old boy with epilepsy. He lives in a very rural area with his widowed mother, Confidence, and 5 siblings. The family are sustained on a small plot of land where they grow vegetables to eat and sell.
During the cold winter nights, Confidence lights a fire in the centre of their one roomed, cylindrical shaped and thatched roof house. The whole family sleep around the burning embers. Tragically, Marshall had a seizure one night and fell into the fire sustaining deep burns to his left foot and leg.

Marshall was admitted to the Childrens’ Ward at Murambinda Mission Hospital where he was immediately given fluids to prevent dehydration and had the burns cleaned and bandaged to prevent infection. For the next 6 weeks Marshall had dressings changed frequently and wounds scrapped and cleaned to ensure a healthy healing process.

Confidence is extremely thankful and appreciative for the care her son has received at Murambinda Mission Hospital.

The problem of cold winter nights and lack of fire safety makes Marshall’s case a very common presentation to come through the doors of Murambinda Mission Hospital.


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