Are you disillusioned with charities?

How about a charity that spends zero on administration, fundraising and publicity?

How about a charity where every pound you donate goes to the recipient not on management?

Is it possible?       FMH has shown it is.

Would it work?     With the help of individuals like you FMH has raised over £1 million in 20 years!

Would the charity survive?      FMH has since 1998!

Together with FMH your donation can do amazing work!


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The Friends of Murambinda Hospital (FMH) (UK Registered Charity No 1073978) works to support Murambinda Mission Hospital and its associated clinics to improve the health of the people of Buhera, Zimbabwe in partnership with Murambinda Mission Hospital. The charity trustees bear all administrative costs; this means that all you donate goes directly to fund projects at Murambinda Hospital.

For more information about the Hospital and its work, please click HERE.

You can not support everyone in need, but you can choose to support one hospital in rural Zimbabwe and see the difference it makes. Without your help we would fail.