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Friends of Murambinda Hospital

UK Reg Charity 1073978

We strive to improve the health of the people of Buhera, Zimbabwe working in partnership with Murambinda Mission Hospital

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GROW WITH MURAMBINDA”: Hospital Nutrition Garden Appeal

Drought and heatwaves with temperatures over 45C are becoming more frequent in Zimbabwe and, with climate change, this is not going to go away.

You can help the hospital grow more fresh food, give patients better nourishment and get them back on their feet!

Your donation can also cut pollution, fossil fuel usage and hospital running costs, and enable the Hospital to earn by selling surplus produce.

There is an old diesel water pump which pumps water from the river into a storage tank to irrigate the vegetables. The pump is on its last legs and lacks power. We need a new more powerful solar pump to reach more plants.

A solar powered pump will reduce pollution, carbon usage and hospital running costs.

The new pump will be more powerful so irrigation will help grow more vegetables. We also need to replace old damaged drip feed irrigation piping and provide an area of shade netting to protect plants from the unprecedented heat.

The increased food production will help nourish patients and staff with good fresh vegetables. The hospital will be able to sell some surplus crops improving its sustainability

Better nourishment staff stay well and helps patients get back on their feet.

The total cost is £7,800, please donate to help the Hospital flourish!

For more fundraising ideas click here eg sponsored event, exhibition or talk. We can provide resources & support.

Seedling growth
Silas Shepherd-Thompson (Not to be reproduced without permission)


Message from Murambinda

We are very much humbled and grateful for the continued support. Thank you very much for funding all our applications. We have started 2019 on a rough patch.  Inflation has reached the highest in the past ten years recording 97.85% in May 2019. Electricity, fuel crisis and price hike all affecting our day to day operations.   Above all these challenges we are encouraged with your support that we will continue to give quality health care to the people of Buhera and Zimbabwe at large.

November 2019

: “Thank you very much for the unwavering support even during these difficult times”.

June 2020

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where the healthcare one receives does not depend on location or wealth, where every life is cherished and no mother dies in pregnancy or childbirth from preventable causes.

We believe in supporting and investing in the skills and talents of local people and helping to provide the equipment they need to do the job.

We believe that any donations you make are spent directly on projects at Murambinda. All administrative costs are paid by the Trustees.

We believe in building relationships with individual staff at Murambinda Hospital to ensure the grants we make are relevant, appropriate and well spent.

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