Child & Adolescent Resource Centre


CARC was established as an initiative of Murambinda Hospital in 2008 to support HIV positive children and adolescents and their families.

“Most of the children are orphans and are cared for mainly by elderly grandmothers. The caregivers are not able to meet all their material needs because they are too old to work. Many depend on food handouts from the World Food Programme.

Most of the children could not afford school fees and school uniforms. Some did not have decent clothing and had to share blankets. One child who is the head of a family did not even have soap. Extreme poverty exacerbates psychosocial issues.” 

CARC Report, 2009

CARC now provides:

  • Psychosocial support for 700 HIV positive children & adolescents and their families, across 6 districts in Zimbabwe
  • Education for local leaders, villages and schools about HIV, reducing stigma and improving child protection
  • An income generation project for 1,200 female caregivers, providing microfinance and training for chicken raising and small business development
  • Training and support for 20 HIV positive adolescents to act as Community Treatment Supporters for their peers across the district.
CARC Coordinator Mrs Evelyn Natale
Mrs Evelyn Natale Coordinator of CARC

“Play therapy is the model we use to deliver psychosocial support.

LEGO is used by both children and adolescents to express their emotions. The children build whatever they want and the facilitators encourage each child to talk about it. The children who are identified to have emotional problems are counselled one on one through Special Playtimes.

We also use letter-writing: children and adolescents are asked to write anything that is on their hearts and use pseudonyms. Children who are not free to talk about their problems will often put their worries on paper.

We also use play to give health education and spiritual support.”   (CARC Report 2014)

Playing at CARC

FMH has been able to provide funding to CARC for particular needs and one of our trustees assists them with organisational development and funding applications.

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