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Our Beliefs

Friends of Murambinda Hospital is a UK registered charity that was started in 1998 by doctors and other professionals who had returned to UK after working at Murambinda. We wanted to continue to support healthcare for the people of the District.

Since then we have raised more than £1,000,000 for the Hospital and related projects, caring for the most disadvantaged in the Buhera District of Zimbabwe.

Healthcare should not depend on location or wealth, every life must be cherished and no mother should die in pregnancy or childbirth from preventable causes.

We aim to bring together people of all faiths and none to help the hospital which itself treats the whole local population on the basis of need.

While we can’t do everything, we can and do support one Hospital in one District on a long-term basis

Our role is to support and invest in the skills and talents of local people and help to provide the equipment they need to do the job.

Personal contact and good working relationships with the staff and Board Members at Murambinda are all-important. This ensures mutual trust and accountability,and promotes understanding of each other’s challenges and priorities.

As a small charity, we make sure that every penny we raise goes directly to needs in the Hospital and District. The trustees pay all the expenses of the charity (travel, administration, publicity etc) out of our own pockets – we don’t employ staff or have an office.

Governance, trustees and supporters

We are a Charitable Trust (Registration No. 1073978) established in 1998 and governed by the UK Charity Commission.

Annual report 2019-20

To view our last 5 years accounts and Annual Reports click on Accounts on the UK Charity Commission website.

Murambinda Mission Hospital Executive send us Project proposals, often after prior discussion with FMH, and following approval by the Hospital Management Board. We then decide whether to fund them.

We favour projects that enhance the sustainability of the hospital.

View our Data Protection & Privacy policy here.

We have six trustees who have all worked at Murambinda Mission Hospital in the past.

Dr Mike Thompson, Chair

Dr Carolyn Rigby Treasurer

Dr John Connolly, Secretary, Student electiveco-ordiantor, Data Protection.

Mary Miller

Dr Michael Thomson

Dr Nienke van Trommel


Our supporters are mainly friends and family; people who have worked at or visited Murambinda Hospital for varying periods; people from various backgrounds who know and understand southern Africa and are committed to its future.

We are always keen to welcome members of the Zimbabwean diaspora resident in UK, who bring invaluable insight and experience.

Since 2019 we have been joined by our former sister organisation in the Netherlands, represented by Dr. Nienke van Trommel, who bring their own Dutch circle of friends and supporters.


Message from Murambinda

We are very much humbled and grateful for the continued support. Thank you very much for funding all our applications. We have started 2019 on a rough patch.  Inflation has reached the highest in the past ten years recording 97.85% in May 2019. Electricity, fuel crisis and price hike all affecting our day to day operations.   Above all these challenges we are encouraged with your support that we will continue to give quality health care to the people of Buhera and Zimbabwe at large.

November 2019

: “Thank you very much for the unwavering support even during these difficult times”.

June 2020
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