Hospital Nutrition Garden

Patients often arrive at the Hospital malnourished. Good fresh food helps speed recovery but can be difficult and expensive to source. The hospital nutrition garden is the solution to this problem. It was developed from 2010 initially with the help of the Lead Trust. It is in the Hospital grounds close to the banks of the Mwerihari River. When the river flows a diesel pump takes water from the river to a water tank to allow irrigation. we hope to replace it with a solar pump soon.

Greenhouse/poly tunnel

In 2016 we funded this construction to extend the growing season and increase production.


In 2018 we paid for a 10,000 litre water tank to improve irrigation.

In 2020 we paid for a new solar pump to pump water from the river into the water tank along with new drip feed piping and sprinklers .


Butternut squash, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, potaoes and tomatoes are grown. Tomatoes are frozen for use later in the year in the hospital kitchen. At some times of year surplus produce is sold to pay for running costs.

Climate change & current needs

Recent years have brought recurrent drought with exceptionally high temperatures, at times over 40 Celsius. At other times there is damaging heavy rains such as the aftermath of Cyclone Ida.

Shade cloth is needed to allow the garden to continue to flourish.

Please think how you can support this by fundraising, donation or researching other organisations who could work with us.

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