Challenges of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) exit


On 19 June 2015

MSF held a farewell party at Murambinda to mark their exit from Murambinda and the District. MSF closed their offices in Murambinda and have since moved to Mutare. MMH and MSF signed an MOU which runs to end of year 2015 but has since reduced their contributions towards allowances and running costs including salaries for supplementary staff at MMH.

We are facing the following challenges from the MSF exit

  • Pharmacy, blood and fuel costs support has been reduced. These three are the main running costs which we can not do without. In addition some staff pay has also been reduced .The hospital has increased and stepped up user fees collection but due to economic challenges it is not able to collect enough to cover for all running costs.
  • Please be generous, could you do organise a fundraising event via our MyDonate fundraising page?

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