Welcome donation from the Kuenssberg Charitable Foundation.

The trustees of Friends of Murambinda Hospital are delighted to record their appreciation of a donation of £1000 from the Kuenssberg Charitable Foundation to allow the work of supporting a struggling rural hospital in a poorly resourced area of Zimbabwe to continue.

Their covering letter to the donation states that “We are aware of the severe problems currently facing the (Murambinda Mission) Hospital with the withdrawal of the MSF funding and are purposely leaving our donation ‘undesignated’ so that the money can be allocated to top priority”



Meeting of Trustees on 21st November.

FMH trustees and supporters met on 21st November 2015 and agreed to provide vital funds to contribute to the salaries of hospital staff salaries including General Hands, Nurse Aides, Nurses, Nurse Tutors, Administrators, Midwives and Doctors. We recognise that each plays an important part directly or indirectly in patient care.

We will also contribute to the repair and servicing of the anaesthetic machine and laboratory blood testing equipment.

The Nurse Training School is currently helping Primary Care nurses working in outlying clinics to improve their care of pregnant women. This is vital to help reduce maternal and infant mortality. We plan to contribute to some maintenance and building work in the Training School.

We were also asked for around £20,000 to fund 6 months of medicines for patients with long term conditions such as asthma, hypertension, heart failure and psychosis. Sadly we are not going to be able to fund this in full, please help us with fundraising.

Click here to start donating via online shopping !


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