Half Iron Man Emma!

Emma C

Emma Connnolly is taking part in the Cotswolds Half Iron Man on 10th June to raise money for FMH.

  • 1.9km (1.2 miles) swim
  • 90km (56 miles) bike
  • 21km (13 miles) run

She writes

On 10th June I am taking on my biggest sporting challenge yet with the Cotswolds Half Iron Man.

Having never really been interested in cycling before time on the bike has been a big part of my training. Luckily this coincided with moving to Stalybridge and being within a stone’s throw of the Pennines and the Peak District. I have become an enthusiastic cyclist and have really enjoyed exploring the hilly countryside with the Saddleworth Clarion Cycling club and getting a taste of the joys of fell running with the Saddleworth Fell Running Club.

It hasn’t all been so idyllic however and I am hoping the gruelling hours on the turbo in winter, the gym in the mornings, pounding the pavements through snow, rain and shine (and more snow and more snow!) and endless lengths in the pool will pay off and help me to survive my first half iron man!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my training! 

Please support this amazing effort: Click here to donate via her MyDonate page


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