Two trustees of Friends of Murambinda visited the Hospital in late February to 7th March 2020.

They found the Hospital staff in good heart despite the difficulties a downturn in the economy has brought to the country. The rural population is struggling with additional challenges in terms of an unprecedented drought and an epidemic of disease among the cattle on which many depend.

The trustees learned that the urgent priorities for external funding are:

  • Incentives to retain essential staff, and support in particular for the nurse aides and general hands who are trying to survive on next to nothing (Friends of Murambinda is trying to maintain supplying a grocery package to each staff member every quarter)
  • A new service vehicle to replace the hard-used one that has to serve all the transport of hospital goods and services, refuse collection and disposal and so on
  • An upgrade to the Hospital Nutrition Garden. The Garden improves food security and is almost the only section of the Hospital that both reduces costs, by supplying the vegetables needed to feed the patients, and brings in some income by selling the surplus.
  • Extending the availability of solar power, which FMH and other donors have been funding incrementally over the last few years, to cover all areas of the Hospital.


So far the rate of coronavirus infection in rural Africa remains low. But last week FMH received an urgent request from Murambinda Hospital for the purchase of supplies to help with infection control, and for PPE for staff. The loss of even one of the dedicated staff at Murambinda would be an irrecoverable tragedy.

FMH is therefore launching a new appeal to support a sponsored cycle and any other initiatives to contribute to the funds.




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