8th Anniversary

Let us recall the vision, dedication  and inspiration that our beloved Dr Monica Glenshaw gave us. 20180409_122544.jpg


Annual Report

Read about FMH’s recent activities in our newly published Annual Report

Could you help us with researching for grants from Trusts and Foundations?

If so please contact us on fmh@live.co.uk


FMH supporters meeting

We are meeting in Guiseley on Saturday afternoon 12th May 2018 for an update on recent activity and events at Murambinda Mission Hospital, FMH fundraising activities and future projects.

For more information please contact f.m.h@live.co.uk

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Trustees visit to Murambinda

Mary Miller and Mike Thompson arrived at Murambinda Mission Hospital on April 8th for a week of observing the hospital at work, meeting old friends and making new, evaluating projects funded and sharing in the celebrations of the hospital’s 50th anniversary.



Sr Rumbandora Head of Maternity Dept with Mary Miller.


Mike Thompson giving a donation of blood pressure monitors from FMH